Issue #44 // November 12, 2021

This week we announce a lot of new tools. I'm most excited about Visual Studio 2022 and the .NET 6 release, but there's some tidbits for querying AWS, on-call management, and guidelines for building serverless applications too.

5 Anti-Patterns to Avoid in Lambda Based Apps
I've actually seen and felt the pain of a few of these patterns. High-level the anti-patterns are: monolith, ochestrator, recursive, functions calling functions, and synchronous wait.
SLO Alerting for Mortals
This graphical post does a great job breaking the math for when you need to start worrying about if you're going to meet your SLOs.
Querying AWS at Scale Across APIs, Regions, and Accounts
Steampipe is an open source tool that allows you to use SQL like queries to pull and aggregate data across AWS.
Announcing Grafana OnCall
Grafana announced their own on-call management tool. It's currently only available as beta preview in Grafana Cloud.
The Unfulfilled Promise of Serverless
The first half of this article is good, the last half, ehhh. Luckily it's short. The biggest issue with functions as a service are vendor lock in, and, if it's complex, figuring out how to tie all the pieces together. If you can replace your functions with Wordpress, you probably made some bad decisions.
Announcing .NET 6
Exciting news for C# developers like myself. I've been stuck using .NET Core 3.1 for production apps, but not .NET 6.0 is the next LTS release (supported for 3 years). Many are excited about hot reload which allows you to avoid rebuild + restarting your app to view a new change.
Google Cloud for the Department of Defense
If you do government work and wish you could use GCP, I've got some good news for you.