Issue #50 // December 24, 2021

In the spirit of the Grinch, I'm sharing only negative articles this holiday, with a little extra bah humbug from me.

Best Practices Can Slow Your Application Down
Stack Overflow proves we're all doing it wrong. They probably serve close to half a billion requests per day using a server architecture that's very close to what this old man grew up on. This article slightly clarifies their use of static calls, but I'm curious how they balance this with testability going forward.
The Big DevOps Misunderstanding
15 seconds to explain why Kubernetes and infrastructure as code ruined the spirit of DevOps. Although, "You build it, you run it" is only one definition.
Patterns for Authorization in Microservices
Which part of the application gets to determine access when it's in a hundred different pieces? All the solutions suck!
Hunting Tech Debt via Org Charts
Who you report to determines your priorities and therefor where your team is failing.
Step Away From Stack Overflow
How about using your brain to figure things out instead of Google?
AWS Power Failure in US-EAST-1
The 3rd week in a row reporting an AWS outage. This one again occurs in US-EAST-1. If you lost data in this outage, it's because you decided it wasn't important enough to set it up right.
Azure App Service Vulnerability Exposed Hundreds of Source Code Repositories
If you were using Local Git based deployments with a non-.NET language on Azure App Services your code was available to the public and they're probably laughing about how messy it is.