Issue #53 // March 1, 2024

A well balanced week of new and old, helpful and critical.

All You Need is Wide Events, Not Metrics, Logs and Traces
At Meta, they tackle observability using a concept called wide events. This post defines wide events and how they relate to Open Telemetry's traces, metrics, and logs.
Finding a Balance While Coding
Instead of blindly pursuing optimization at all costs, we should strive for balance. We should prioritize clear and maintainable code, robust functionality, and a positive user experience.
How to Find the AWS Account ID of Any S3 Bucket
This post describes a technique to find the Account ID of any S3 bucket (both private and public).
Serverless Horrors
ServerlessHorrors is a simple blog where you can read all the horror stories of serverless. Yikes!
Agile Cult
Another article about how everyone is doing agile wrong but provides some helpful anti-patterns. Agile turns into its enemy. It becomes rigid, unfocused, full of itself.
Open Sourcing Pingora
Cloudflare has open sourced Pingora, a Rust based alternative to NGINX that assists in constructing HTTP proxy services.